How to Plan a Graduation Party in Minneapolis

Few moments in one’s life are as significant as graduating from college. Years of hard work and study lead up to this point, and that success—and the transition into a new stage of life—is worth celebrating, whether it’s a small gathering with close friends and family or a massive party with the whole graduating class. If you’re working out how to plan a graduation party, either as as one of the graduates or as a proud parent, refreshments are a good place to start. As far as drinks go, there are plenty of options out there to make sure everyone’s enjoying themselves. Here are a few pointers worth keeping in mind for your party to make it as memorable as possible.

Mix It Up

Mixers are popular at parties for many reasons. They can add or enhance the taste of alcohol to make it sweeter, sour, savory, bitter or anything else—though the flavor of a good beer is enjoyed by many, not everyone takes to it as well, so mixed drinks are good to have available. The choice of mixer can also change the drink’s texture, consistency and appearance, all of which can add to the appeal. Mixed drinks also have lower alcohol by volume, letting lighter drinkers enjoy the event too.

Premade mixes for various cocktails are available from retailers, or you could make your own mix. Homemade punch is a go-to; party-goers can serve themselves easily and there’s a lot you can do with flavor and presentation. Plenty of recipes are out there to give you graduation party drink ideas, or you could make your own with some key ingredients. Experiment and see what you come up with!

Set Up Your Own Drink Station

If you really want to make your graduation party the highlight of the summer, set up a make-your-own-drink station! Set up a table complete with napkins, cups, interchangeable ingredients, and various types of liquor so that people can make their favorite summer cocktail.  

Bring Out the Kegs

Serving up a keg of beer is a staple for big graduation blowouts, and for a good reason. Kegs make serving guests at a big event easier and reduce the cleanup needed afterward. Additionally, retailers often have more than just the standard beer options that you’d get with cans or bottles; you may be able to pick up craft beers or local brews to really please the new grads. You can rent a party tap, draft fridge or cooler easily, often from the same retailers that offer kegs. A mini kegerator also makes for a great graduation gift, though for the party itself you might want a bigger one available.

Along with regular kegs, Zipps Liquors also offers root beer kegs. Here are our sizes:

  • 5-gallon keg – pours 55, 12-oz glasses
  • 8-gallon keg – pours 75, 12-oz glasses
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Good drinks make for great get-togethers. Need to know where to buy rootbeer kegs, beer kegs, wine or liquor for your upcoming graduate party in Minneapolis? Zipps Liquors is the area’s biggest retailer for kegs, specializing in local brews for events. Come visit our store or contact us to reserve a keg for your party today!