As stated on the Pappy van Winkle website, the whiskies are released once per year, in the fall.  Any allocation we receive is placed into a lottery.

Due to the popularity and rarity of certain whiskies, we hold a lottery for any bottles we may receive, open to customers in both our rewards program and weekly email blast.  Lottery will go live once we receive an allocation, posted to our social media and in our weekly emails. Unless otherwise specified, entries are one per person, in-store entries only.  Winners have 14 days from notification of winning to purchase their whiskey. Any further delay, and the whiskey will be given to a new winner, or placed on the shelf for anyone to purchase.  

Please come to the store and fill out a Donation Request Form from the first register.  Please no phone calls, messages, or emails seeking donations.

The best and most direct way, other than being in the store, is to call the store.  Using our website contact form, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter messages are not an efficient way to communicate with our store as we do not monitor those consistently.  Any communication asking about our immediate inventory will be directed to call the store.

Yes, please call the store, or come in the store, to place an order.  Please have handy: the product name, size, and quantity you would like.  We will also ask for: your name, your phone number, and when you would like the item(s).  If you would like to know the price before we order, please make that clear when you place your request.