Zipps knows that the world of “spirits” can be intimidating. With all the different styles, names and shapes that liquor can come in, it's hard to keep track of them all. But... that's what we're here for! Think of us as your own private guidebook.

We thoroughly enjoy the thriving local distilling scene that is erupting in Minnesota, and stock a TON of great MN-made booze. We've also got that rare bourbon or Scotch you're looking for, as well as that oddball cordial you saw that one time at that cocktail room in NYC. Add to that our unbeatable prices, and we consider ourselves quite the well-rounded spirits store!

We've got the insights and recommendations to save you years of exploration! Whether you're looking for a simple change of pace, or a new personal favorite, Zipp's is your huckleberry.


June Spirits Specials

Svedka 1.75L $14.99, Regular Price $16.99

Bombay Dry Gin 1.75L $22.99, Regular Price $27.99

Paul Masson 1L $10.99, Regular Price $12.99

Sailor Jerry 1L $17.49, Regular Price $19.99

Makers 46 $30.99, Regular Price $35.99

Ketel 1 1L $22.99, Regular Price $27.99

Camarena Tequilas 1L $20.99, Regular Price $24.99

Courvosier VS 750mL $19.99, Regular Price $24.99

McAdams Canadian Whiskey $1.75L 11.99, Regular Price $16.99

Old Overholt Straight Rye $12.99, Regular Price $16.99