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ZIPPS' Keg Ordering FAQs

To ensure that your reservation is processed and filled correctly, please call with any same-day or next-day  requests

  • Can I get kegs that are not on your list?

Don't see what you're after? Submit any special orders at least 5 business days in advance and we can look into it!

If you wish to reserve a keg for either Friday or Saturday, you have two options. You can call the store at any time, and we will take your reservation. If you reserve your keg online, however, your reservation MUST be in by 4 PM Thursday of the week you wish to get your keg. If your reservation is received after the cutoff, unfortunately we will not be able to process it.

We absolutely do! Pretty much any size, shape and style you might need, we can procure on your behalf! We charge a small fee, as well as a deposit on any equipment that you might need.

For each keg, there is a $30 deposit (Surly & Sociable are $50, Steel Toe & Tin Whiskers are $130). For each tap you need there is a $55 deposit, and for each tub there is a $25 deposit.

Unfortunately, we do not! We do swap CO2 canisters, but we do not sell or rent them out, nor the equipment to attach them to your keg. We do sell kegerators, if you ever get the itch!

  • Can I get a refund for my untapped keg?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the purchase price on full kegs. We can hold on to your keg if you would like to use it in the next 4 weeks, but that is the extent of what we can do.

  • My friend is going to be picking up my keg. Can I pay for it over the phone?

We cannot take payment for kegs over the phone, and also require registration for kegs at time of purchase. This registration must be done in person with a valid ID (per MN regulations).