Zipps Kegs

Zipps has a HUGE selection of kegs!


In fact, we sell more kegs than anyone in the STATE!

Call us anytime to make reservations! You can also stop by and browse our current in-stock list. We also offer a special keg-exchange program for those of you with Kegerators/Beer fridges. Don't see what you're after? Submit any special orders at least 5 business days in advance and we can look into it!

Call us if you have any questions!


It will keep for a few days if kept cold, but it progressively changes in taste with each day it's exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump is like opening a 2-liter bottle of soda -- it puts air into the container. CO2 then escapes the liquid and dissipates into the air, making the beer flat.

Best thing to do is to untap the keg and keep the beer on ice! Cold beer will hang on to its CO2 longer. Do not pump more air into it -- that'll just oxidize the beer faster.

A full keg weighs about 170 pounds, so be careful moving it!  We are happy to help you load it into your car, but once you get it home you are on your own.

Keg Size Cases Dimensions Weight
16 gallon (1/2 barrel) 7 24" x 16" 170 pounds
8 gallon (1/4 barrel) Slim 8 gal (1/4 barrel) 3 1/2 14" x 16" 24" x 11" 85 pounds
5 gallon (1/6 barrel) 2 1/2 24" x 9.5" 60 pounds
  • What deposits will I need to put down?

For each keg, there is a $30 deposit (Surly & Sociable are $50, Steel Toe & Tin Whiskers are $130). For each tap you need there is a $55 deposit, and for each tub there is a $25 deposit.

  • Can I get a refund for my untapped keg?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the purchase price on full kegs. We can hold on to your keg if you would like to use it in the next 4 weeks, but that is the extent of what we can do.

  • My friend is going to be picking up my keg. Can I pay for it over the phone?

We cannot take payment for kegs over the phone, and also require registration for kegs at time of purchase. This registration must be done in person with a valid ID (per MN regulations).



**  Steel Toe, Tin Whiskers kegs require a $130 deposit **
** All Surly, Insight, & Sociable Ciderwerks kegs require a $50 deposit**
Kegs in BOLD are brewed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. Local keg availability can be spotty at times. Please understand if a brewery can't keep up with your thirst!

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