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Zipp's Kegs


We have a huge selection of kegs here at Zipp's
In fact, we sell more kegs than anyone in the STATE!

Call us anytime to make reservations! You can also stop by and browse our current in-stock list. We also offer a special keg-exchange program for those of you with Kegerators/Beer Fridges.

Call us if you have any questions!

ZIPP'S Keg Ordering FAQ

  • Can I email reservations for same-day pickup?

To ensure that your reservation is processed and filled correctly, please call with any same-day requests.

  • When do I need to have my reservation in for the weekend?

If you wish to reserve a keg for either Friday or Saturday, you have two options. You can call the store at any time, and we will take your reservation. If you reserve your keg online, however, your reservation MUST be in by 6 PM Thursday of the week you wish to get your keg. If your reservation is received after the cutoff, unfortunately we will not be able to process it!

  • Do you rent taps/tap heads?

We absolutely do! Pretty any size, shape and style you might need, we can procure on your behalf! We charge a small fee, as well as a deposit on any equipment that you might need.

  • What deposits will I need to put down?

Deposits are uniform in amount for each piece of equipment you rent. Whether it's a 16 gallon keg or a 5, it's all the same (except for Indeed)! The deposits are:

  • $30 for each keg
  • $55 for each tap
  • $25 for each tub
  • Do you rent CO2 systems?

Unfortunately, we do not! We do swap CO2 canisters, but we do not sell or rent them out, nor the equipment to attach them to your keg. We do sell kegerators, if you ever get the itch!         

  • Help! How do you tap a keg?


  • How long will kegged beer keep?

It will keep for a few days if kept cold, but it progressively changes in taste with each day it's exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump is like opening a 2-liter bottle of soda -- it puts air into the container. CO2 then escapes the liquid and dissipates into the air, making the beer flat.


  • If I plan on drinking the keg over a period of a few days, what should I do?

Best thing to do is to untap the keg and keep the beer on ice! Cold beer will hang on to its CO2 longer. Do not pump more air into it -- that'll just oxidize the beer faster.


  • How much does a keg weigh?

A full keg weighs about 170 pounds, so be careful moving it!  We are happy to help you load it into your car, but once you get it home you are on your own.


  • How much beer is in a keg?  

Keg Size Cases Dimensions Weight
16 gallon (1/2 barrel) 7 24" x 16" 170 pounds

8 gallon (1/4 barrel)

Slim 8 gal (1/4 barrel)

3 1/2

14" x 16"

24" x 11"

85 pounds
5 gallon (1/6 barrel) 2 1/2 24" x 9.5"

60 pounds





IMPORTANT: If you wish to reserve a keg for Friday or Saturday, simply put in your order by 8 p.m. the Thursday leading up to the weekend it is desired. If you make a reservation ONLINE for A SAME-DAY PICKUP we cannot guarantee it will be available, so please call same day orders in.

Domestic 16gal    Domestic 8gal  
Natural Light $45.99    
Busch Regular $62.99 Grainbelt Premium $59.99
Busch Light $62.99 Coors Light $62.99
Rolling Rock $66.99 Miller Lite $62.99
Miller High Life $74.99 Budweiser $62.99
Hamm's $69.99 Bud Light $62.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon $79.99 Mich Golden Light $62.99
Miller Lite $109.99 Micro & Specialty 8gal  
Miller Genuine Draft $109.99 Summit Extra Pale Ale $89.99
Grainbelt Premium
$109.99 Fulton Lonely Blonde
Coors Light $109.99 Fulton Sweet Child IPA $99.99
Leinie Original $109.99 Odell IPA $99.99
Budweiser $109.99 Lagunitas IPA $109.99
Bud Light $109.99 Sociable Freewheeler cider
Mich Golden Light $109.99 Micro & Specialty 5gal  
Micro & Specialty 16gal    Summit Extra Pale Ale $65.99
Grain Belt Nordeast
Summit Saga $65.99
Leinie Honeyweiss $144.99 Summit Seasonal $65.99
Blue Moon $148.99 Finnegan's Amber


Summit Extra Pale Ale
$154.99 3rd Street Brown Ale $64.99
Summit IPA $154.99 New Belgium 1554 $68.99
Summit Pilsner $154.99 New Belgium Fat Tire $68.99
Summit Seasonal $154.99 Sam Adams Lager $70.99
Summit Saga
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $74.99
Finnegan's Amber
Great Lakes Ed. Fitz Porter $74.99
Deschutes Inversion (50L) $134.99 Rush River Unforgiven $76.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $153.99 Rush River IPA
Sierra Nevada Seasonal $153.99 Bauhaus Wonderstuff Pils
New Belg. Ranger IPA $154.99 Bauhaus Stargrazer $62.99
New Belgium Fat Tire $154.99 Insight Saison de Blanc $74.99
Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale $161.99 Harriet West Side IPA $89.99
Lagunitas IPA $169.99 Harriet Divine Occulust $89.99
Sam Adams Boston Lager $159.99 Lucid Air Blonde Ale $64.99
Bells Two Hearted $177.99 Lucid Foto IPA $74.99
Fulton Lonely Blonde
$164.99 Lift Bridge Farm Girl $79.99
Fulton Sweet Child IPA
$164.99 Northgate ESB $79.99
Indeed Daytripper *$169.99* Tin Whiskers Wheat **  $74.99**
Angry Orchard Crisp $159.99 Tin Whiskers IPA** $74.99**
Surly Mild $114.99 Surly Bender $61.99
Surly Bender $149.99 Surly Hell $61.99
Surly Hell $149.99 Surly Cynic $65.99
Surly Cynic $159.99 Surly Coffee Bender $88.99
Surly Coffee Bender $199.99 Indeed Daytripper** $79.99**
Import 50 liter (13.5gal)   Indeed Midnight Ryder** $79.99**
Amstel Light (S) $144.99    
Heineken (S) $144.99
Newcastle (S) $159.99    
Modelo Especial $164.99  
Stella Artois (S) $185.99    
Root Beer
1919 8 gallon $59.99    
1919 16 gallon $99.99    
** Indeed & Tin Whiskers kegs require a $130 deposit **

Kegs in BOLD are locally brewed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area

Local keg availability can be spotty at times. Please understand if a brewery can't keep up with your thirst!

Don't see what you're after? Submit any special orders at least 5 business days in advance and we can look into it!




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A deposit is required on each keg, tap and tub rented at the time of pick-up which can be done cash or on a credit card. Deposits are as follows:

$30 per keg

$55 per tap

$25 per tub

Zipp's also offers Co2 exchange. Simply bring in your empty tank and we will exchange it out for a full tank of the corresponding size.

Rates are as follows:

2.5# - $11.99

5# - $15.99

10# - $19.99

20# - $24.99