We at Zipps have always been quite proud of our beer selection. With over 1500 options to choose from, you’re bound to find something up your alley!

We’ve got the old classic mainstays such as Budweiser, Miller, and Coors, plus we also boast a large selection of local and regional favorites. Zipps strives not only to keep you content and happy, but also to help you explore the ever expanding and changing world of craft beer. Our selection of organic and gluten free beer is one of the largest in the Twin Cities area. The well trained staff at Zipps can match the perfect beer to every situation and palate.

We here at Zipps are sensitive to the plight of the gluten-intolerant. It can get boring with a limited selection, which is why we keep an extensive collection of craft ciders and gluten-free beer on hand. Cider is the new craze, and we couldn't be happier!

Our recent remodel has given us an even more impressive amount of cold craft beer! Stop in to check out our huge bank of coolers and our exciting new bomber cooler! Somebody had to be crazy enough to do it, and we're just that type of nuts!

zipps kegsWhether you’re looking for a case of Budweiser for the game or a special bottle of Saison to pair with your meal, Zipps will meet your beer needs!




Zipps June Beer Specials

              Insight Brewing company Save $2

$6.99 Dankbot, Crazy Aunt, Trollway, Hell Chicken, Sunken City, Banshee Cutter and Devil's Companion

             Surly 12 Packs save $2

$12.99  X-tra Citra and #Merica

            Fairstate 4 Packs save $2

$8.49 Du Ponde, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Palahlay'ahlay, and Roselle

            Bells 6 Packs Save $2

$8.99 Two Hearted

$7.99Low Tier | Oberon, Oarsman, Oatsmobile, and 3rd Coast

              Indeed 12 packs save $1

$14.99 Daytripper, Shenanigans, Sampler pack

              Fulton 12 packs save $2

$13.99 Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine