Bauchant Old Fashioned

Bauchant is an orange liqueur from the Cognac region in France.  It’s made by macerating sweet and bitter orange peels in neutral alcohol, then distilled three times, blended with brandy and syrup, and finally aged for several years for complexity.  The liqueur has a vibrant orange hue, with notes of fresh orange zest and sweet butterscotch.  Bauchant will add complexity and richness to a margarita or old fashioned, or enjoyed straight as a dessert. $22.99/750mL

Torres 5 year, a brandy from Spain made with grapes traditionally used to make Cava.  The brandy is aged in a solera system typical of sherry, adding new brandy to older brandy to create a consistent product.  The result is a rich dark amber brandy with elements of dried fruit, spice, and a subtle nuttiness.  It is an unmistakably different brandy. $17.99/750mL

Together, these two products produce a delicious old fashioned.  Bauchant is inherently sweet and enhances the fruity character of the brandy.  For a final touch, Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters lifts the spicy, citrusy character of the cocktail, creating a beautiful balance. $9.99/5 oz


For a similar cocktail, substitute Plantation 3 Star White Rum for the brandy.  The rum is light, smooth and enhances the orange character of Bauchant.   $16.99/1L   


2 oz Torres 5 Year, or Plantation 3 Star

.25 oz Bauchant Orange Liqueur

4 dashes Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir until chilled. Pour into a lowball with ice, garnish with an orange peel.

Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters, Torres 5 Year Brandy, Bauchant Orange Liqueur, and Plantation 3 Star Rum

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