Monthly Archives: November 2016

Big Bubbles Tasting 2016 Bottle List

    Big Bubbles Tasting 12.03.16 Mix & match 6 or 12 bottles for larger discounts!                     Regular Sale 6 Bottle 12 Bottle   Item Country Price Price Price Price Bourget #1 Bellafina Prosecco Italy $10.99 $9.89 $9.34 $8.79 49M Cremant de Loire France $15.99 $14.39…
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A Spirited Thankgiving

  Thanksgiving is a wine holiday.  Riesling, Pinot noir, and sparkling wine pair beautifully with so many parts of the holiday’s meal.  But what about when you’re not eating?  Enter the world of aperitifs and digestifs! APERITIFS Aperitifs are spirits consumed before a meal, meant to stimulate one’s appetite.  Aperitif is derived from the Latin…
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Old Republic

This Month in the Cocktail Corner, learn about two whiskeys, an herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic, and an easy cocktail that incorporates all three.   Becherovka Liqueur Ever since I first tried Becherovka, not a day has gone by where I didn't have it on my liquor shelf.  In short, Becherovka is a slightly…
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