Monthly Archives: May 2016

Cold Drinks For Hot Days

It’s hot, you’re sweaty and all you want is something cool to drink. But you’re stuck at this family barbecue for a few more hours, and you don’t want to be “that” family member. We’ve all been there. So, what are some simple, delicious, low-proof cocktails to make this Memorial Day weekend? We’ve got the…
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“Prairie Artisan Ales” Hit the MN Market!

Although many great nationally-renowned breweries have entered the MSP market over the last few years, it’s hard to think of one that has made me as excited as the local launch of Prairie Artisan Ales, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prairie has it down. They brew absolutely fantastic beers across a wide range of styles, with a…
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All Things Agave

With May 5th upon us, many people around the country will be cracking open bottles of tequila and making margaritas. But what do we know about tequila other than “that one night” from college? Would it shock you to know that the spirit most people think of when tequila comes to mind is not 100%…
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