Monthly Archives: September 2014

Merlot Me!

It’s hard to acknowledge but the cold weather is upon us so this week we are featuring Merlot, the perfect fall red. Merlot has gotten a bad reputation thanks in part to the movie Sideways. One simple quote by Paul Giamatti’s character (Miles) sunk the sales of Merlot and elevated Pinot Noir into the next…
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8.14.14 Chateau Grand Traverse

This week, during the U.S. wine feature month, we are featuring a winery from Michigan. Chateau Grand Traverse has been a family owned and operated winery for 40 years and is Michigan’s oldest winery. In the early 1970’s the few wineries in Michigan were focusing on native Labrusca grapes as well as French- American hybrids.…
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8.22.14 Dancing Coyote Wines

You will be happy to hear that the new floor is done! It’s still a little stinky in here (fumes from the floor) but come in and check it out! We are featuring Dancing Coyote wines from the Clarksburg AVA just south of Sacramento, California and you can come and taste a few of their…
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